Thursday, 5 July 2018

Room 14's Trip to Island Bay Marine Education Centre

Last Friday the Junior Syndicate went on a trip to Island Bay Marine Education Centre. First we went into the aquarium and got to explore and touch the sea creatures. We really liked the cushion starfish and the sea cucumbers as they were really slimy. We then got the oppourtunity to feed the fish in the big fish tank with mussels. Next we went out to the rocky shore and found lots of amazing creatures in the water and under the rocks, including crabs and flatworms. We all really enjoyed the trip! 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Room 3 students making a waterfall

As part of the STEM challenge, Room 3 visited Mrs Black's room to create waterfalls using recycled materials.  Here are some of their amazing creations.

Room 3 students making a waterslide

As part of our STEM challenge, Room 3 created a waterslide.  They had to work collaboratively and meet a 'brief'.  Here are some pictures of them working well, and creating some amazing slides.

Making a Water Slide: Room 3's STEM Challenge

To end our inquiry this term on 'water' the Senior Syndicate competed various STEM challenges.  The challenge in Room 3 was to create a water slide.  Here are some students working hard to complete the challenge using recycled materials, tape and foil.

The one that met the success criteria exceptionally well was this great creation: