Thursday, 28 February 2019


WOW! What an awesome day Room 4 and 5 had today. 

 The amazing view. 
Identifying the plants and trees at
Ngā Hau e Whā o Paparārangi. 
Room 4 outside the whare. 
Room 4 and 5 ready to go on our hikoi. 
Planting a Ngaio tree out the front of 
Ngā Hau e Whā o Paparārangi. 
The beginning of our bush walk through the park.

Yay! We finished the walk. 

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Room 10


In Room 13 we have been learning all about panda bears as part of Chinese New Year.  We also created some colourful pieces of art to showcase our writing.  Here is some of our artwork and writing about the panda bear :

Panda Bears do number 2s when they sleep and they eat
bamboo too!  They have sharp teeth to eat the bamboo.
- Aroha

Pandas live in China.  Pandas like bamboo and they live
in the snow.  They do number 2s when they are sleeping-

Pandas eat bamboo.  They love it!  Pandas live in China.  
Pandas are black and white.  Pandas have sharp teeth.  
They use camouflage to hide.  Pandas look like a teddy bear.  
Pandas have black dots around their eyes.
- Esme

A panda eats bamboo and it has sharp teeth.
- Josh

Panda Bears use their fur for camouflage in a tree.  
Panda Bears eat bamboo and they are black and
white.  They are fluffy like a teddy bear.
- Violette

Pandas poo 100 times a day.  They eat a lot of bamboo
in a day and they do a number 2 in the night.
- Theo

Pandas live in China.  They eat bamboo.  Panda Bears are
black and white.
- Alfie

Pandas eat bamboo.  They use camouflage. Pandas
are black and white.  They do number 2s when
they're asleep.
- Ben 

Basketball Skills

Last Tuesday Room 2 participated in a basketball training session with Arana and Jay. We had a great time, and learnt lots of new skills. Thanks, Arana and Jay!