Friday, 3 November 2017

Financial Literacy

In Room 3 we have been learning about money.  So far, we have looked at how the bartering system worked, the double coincidence of wants, the characteristics of money, the role of banks, interest rates and exchange rates.  We even found our ideal home online and calculated how much we would have to pay back to the bank over a 25-year loan period ... it was a lot!  We discovered that if you translate the word 'mortgage' into French, it means life sentence!

As part of our learning, we talked about money being in circulation.  We decided to write our class name and date on a $10.00 note and spend it down at the mall.  We want to find out if we will ever 'discover it' again.

Please check your $10.00 notes carefully and if you find one with our class name on it, please let us know!

The lovely staff at Muffin Break were happy to exchange our $10.00 for some cookies and the hunt is now on!

We tuned into our design and technology inquiry by making a piggy bank out of recycled materials so we could keep the (fake) money we earn in class.  Here are some of our wonderful designs:

We also created our own $25.00 notes:

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