Friday, 1 December 2017

STEM in Room 5

In Room 5 we have been working on STEM challenges.  STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  We have made towers from newspaper, underwater buildings and Lego towers that will hold a tennis ball.  

Room 5 students creating their underwater buildings.

Today we used marshmallows and spaghetti to build the tallest structure that we could.  Before we started we had to draw a plan.  We had 20 mini marshmallows and 20 pieces of dried spaghetti.  How would we use them?   Once we had our plan we got to work.  It was much harder than we thought it would be.  We tried to make them like our plan but most of us had to change the plan as we worked.

Creating our marshmallow and spaghetti structures

In the end we all managed to build a structure of some sort.  We really enjoyed the STEM challenges because even though they didn't turn out quite the way we planned we enjoyed being creative and problem solving.  (Eating the marshmallows wasn't bad either!)

Our finished marshmallow and spaghetti structures.

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