Thursday, 2 March 2017

Room 1

Today in Hui, Harry shared a book he had written about the Wiggles.

We are improving our thinking and problem solving skills by learning to code.  in the lessons we need to make shapes.  We are given the code but have to decide in which order they need to go, how many degrees the turn should be.  It is not as easy as you think, but we are enjoying doing it.

To make Princess Anna of Arendelle skate around the star shape we were only allowed to use 6 pieces of code and had to have a repeat inside a repeat.

We have been taking part in ReadAloud.  This term Miss Thompson is reading

to us.  It is a great story to read.  We are linked to these schools to complete activities related to the chapters we have read.

Here are two of the activities we have had to do: a biographical poem about one of the characters and draw the ship based on its description in the book.

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